The Extend2Fit is the best overall car seat for one reason. The 10-position headrest and extra legroom provide longevity. Your child will grow. Thus, this car seat lets them grow. You do not need to buy another car seat after a year. Instead, buy the safest car seats 2019 and enjoy the car seat for a long time. Check the specifications for the proper sizing!
This bestseller almost needs no introduction: it’s one of the most popular, talked-about car seats in the U.S. today. It offers full side-impact protection, a solid steel bar frame, SafeCell technology in case of collision, an impact-absorbing Versa-Tether and other seriously advanced safety features, and adds a dose of style with floral, animal print, and colorful covers. It also comes in in the mid-price range, usually under $250 – and that’s for a seat that’ll take you from newborn to 65 pounds. Bottom line: you can’t go wrong with the Britax Marathon!
The Chicco NextFit is one of the best-rated car seats available today, thanks to its easy of use, high weight limit, and superior safety features. We love how simple it is to install and use, with its ReclineSure 9-position leveling system, SuperCinch LATCH tightening, RideRight bubble leveler, 2-position chest clip, and other user-friendly features. And for baby fashionistas, the NextFit comes with a unique, machine-washable zip-off cover that can be easily changed out depending on style and season.
Are you a new parent looking for the safest car seats 2019? Even experienced parents benefit from key advice. Well, you are in luck. The Car Addict makes buying guides for a number of products. This buying guide is specifically made with the best and safest infant car seats. Take the stress out of buying safe car seats. Instead, read this buying guide and buy a great car seat today!
Differences between Pria 70 and Pria 85: Both seats are rated up to 40 lbs. and 40″ tall in the rear-facing position but the minimum weight limits are different. The Pria 70 model starts at 9 lbs. and the Pria 85 models start at 14 lbs. The 70 model is rated to 70 lbs. forward-facing and the 85 model is rated to 85 lbs. Both seats have Air Protect cushions on the headwings for enhanced SIP. The Pria 85 model offers harness holders (clips on the sides of the seat that can hold the harness out of the way while loading/unloading).
Features: Rear-facing 9-40 lbs. (Pria 70), 14-40 lbs. (Pria 85); Forward-facing 22-70 lbs. (Pria 70), 22-85 lbs. (Pria 85). Both seats have no re-thread harness; deep head wings with Air Protect technology for enhanced side-impact protection; push-on LATCH connectors; 3 position base; integrated cup holder, easy remove covers that are machine washable and dryer safe. The combination car seat is a special category in that it is a forward facing car seat that includes a booster seat along with a high-back chair and harness. The combination car seat can be easily converted to a booster seat when the time is right. It is very important to check the weight limit of the harness. The concept is to allow for shoulder/lap belt use one your child reaches the right height.
The engineers at Calspan felt that the side-impact testing was best conducted with a dummy of a 3-year-old, because many high-back boosters have a 30-pound weight minimum, and NHTSA uses an identical dummy of a 3-year-old in its crash testing. Although this dummy is significantly smaller than a child that would ideally be relying on a booster seat, the protocol was the best option available for evaluating the relative safety of various booster seats, Calspan’s experts told us. “The 3-year-old dummy is standard,” said engineer Bill Horn, who oversaw the crash testing. We used the crash testing results to confirm our picks, and to help distinguish among them. As we tested only six seats, the results are by definition limited and should not be taken as evidence that any other seat is unsafe or would not perform adequately in a crash.
Some of the advantages to this seat include the ease of use. Britax provides exemplary customer support and a clear, easy-to-follow user manual to guide you through installation and conversion. The seat belt lock offs are incredibly easy to use as well. What we liked most was the easy ClickTight installation system that quickly secures the seat with just the vehicle belt.
Rear-facing only seats (or infant car seats) are designed for infants weighing as little as 4 pounds up to 30-40 pounds, depending on the model. These seats are smaller, typically attach to a base and have handles for carrying. This base can be moved from car to car, but the carrier is the selling point – it allows you to carry your child around without disturbing her.
Many parents agree that booster seats with backs are the most comfortable option for long car rides, and in particular, the Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat gets good reviews when it comes to multi-hour treks. This reasonably priced product has a self-buckle option for kids and an adjustable back, as well as several features to maximize comfort as you embark on a road trip.
Want a full travel system? This system makes daily life so easy. Seamlessly move from your car to your stroller in a matter of seconds. This specific travel system features a lightweight 3-wheel stroller. Plus, you can fold this stroller with one hand. As a result, this is one of the more convenient travel systems. Especially when it comes to the all of the other safest car seats 2019!

Features: 4-50 lbs. rear-facing, 22-65 lbs. forward-facing; 4-position legrest extension panel for rear-facing only, no re-thread harness with 10 height positions; 2 buckle positions; base has 6 positions; EPS foam; push-on LATCH connectors; harness storage pockets to hold harness out of the way during loading/unloading; infant insert; dual integrated cup holders.

Another entrant to the all-in-one car seat field, the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite™ is a solid contender. With mid-range weight limits – 35 pounds for rear-facing and 50 pounds for front-facing – and the ability to convert to a booster, not to mention rigorous safety testing and ratings, the Alpha Omega Elite™ is an excellent choice for families seeking value, safety, and extended use.
High-backs, or HBBs, are similar to a car seat in that they are a mini-sized seat, with a bottom and back, placed on your passenger seat. High-back boosters offer a guide through which you can thread the shoulder belt to make sure the fit is exactly where it needs to be. On some, the backrest can be adjusted for height, and most high-backs have padded headrests.
Graco adds another to our list with the Size4Me, an adaptable and well-priced entry to the convertible car seat market. It is incredibly safe, thanks to demanding side-impact testing, energy-absorbing foam, and a five-point harness that earns the seat high safety ratings. We also love that the Size4Me has a low, low weight minimum (just 4 pounds), so even if you’re expecting a premie (or multiples!), this seat will still take you from hospital to elementary school.